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Our mail order service applies the following transport tariffs (in Italy):

Euro 12 per 15 kg of weight (2 boxes of 12 jars)

Delivery times for ordered goods vary from 24 to a maximum of 96 hours; they may change due to force majeure or due to traffic conditions and road conditions in general.

No responsibility can be attributed to TuttoCalabria srl ​​in case of delay in the fulfillment of the order or in the delivery of the ordered goods. Upon delivery, the customer must verify:

1.That the package is intact, not damaged, or wet.

2.That the number of packages indicated on the invoice corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered.

The package can be accepted by affixing the words “collection with reserve” on the delivery document, to subsequently verify the integrity of the goods and ask, if damage is found, for compensation. The package can be rejected if the damage is visible, without the need to open the package.

Any dispute must be made immediately to the carrier making the delivery. Subsequently it must be communicated to our office by phone at 0961/996685 or at our e-mail address

The dispute must also be reported to the courier’s office in the area of ​​competence. Customers who accept the goods without reporting any irregularities will not be able to use the replacement, repair or compensation later, as TuttoCalabria srl ​​is not responsible for transport and is not required to compensate or intervene in the matter.