Slicing with Anchovies


For the ravioli dough:

  • 60 gr. di flour 00
  • 30 gr. of buckwheat flour
  • 10 gr. of wholemeal flour
  • 20 gr. 00 flour for dusting
  • 70 ml. of water

For the stuffing:

For the anchovies seasoning:

  • 50 gr. of butter
  • 25 gr. of anchovies in oil
  • 25 ml. of sparkling water

For the toasted breadcrumbs:

  • 15 gr. of bread crumbs
  • 5 gr. of pine nuts
  • 2 teaspoons of Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Pepper as needed.
  • 1 small garlic


  1. We will start by preparing the fresh ravioli dough and then all the necessary condiments.
  2. Take a deep container and put all the flours inside, and form the so-called fountain and add the water little by little to the center. Help yourself with a fork to incorporate the flours and as soon as possible start kneading with your hands. Form a loaf and leave the dough to rest, while we prepare the different toppings.
  3. For the ravioli filling, place the ricotta, pine nuts, dried Tutto Calabria tomatoes, pepper and oil in a blender and blend until you obtain a smooth, creamy mixture. Let it rest in the fridge.
  4. Now let's prepare the sauce with anchovies and crunchy breadcrumbs. First place the anchovies with the water in a blender and blend until you obtain a sauce. At this point add the butter and continue blending until you obtain the consistency of spreadable butter. Store in the fridge in the meantime and prepare the breadcrumbs.
  5. On a clean cutting board, chop the garlic and brown it with a drizzle of oil in a non-stick pan, and add the breadcrumbs, pine nuts, pepper and Parmigiano Reggiano. Let's toast everything until the mixture is golden.
  6. Now that we have finished all the preparations we can start forming our ravioli. Move to a smooth surface and dust with a little flour (both on the surface and on the dough)
  7. Roll out the dough, giving it a rectangular shape, with a rolling pin as thin as possible, about 23 mm. On the lower side of the pastry, arrange the filling with a teaspoon or a piping bag, if this is more convenient for you, and at this point place the upper part of the pastry on the part with the filling (just as if you were closing a book). Before cutting the ravioli, try to make the dough stick by pressing slightly outwards so that excess air does not remain inside the ravioli. Now, take a cutter and cut your ravioli.
  8. Cook the ravioli in boiling water for about 57 minutes (the thinner the thickness, the shorter the cooking times).
  9. During the last 3 minutes of cooking the ravioli, take a jug and add half the anchovy butter and emulsify with the pasta cooking water (just enough) so that a sauce comes out (advice: pour the water little at a time to avoid the risk of it becoming an unrecoverable broth instead of a sauce). While still doing this, fringe, place on a pan and melt the anchovy butter where we will sauté the ravioli as soon as they are cooked. Plate the ravioli and garnish them with the anchovy butter sauce, the breadcrumbs and a sprinkling of the “Tutto Calabria” chillies

Recipe made by Andrea Spinelli (laspin12 https:// in collaboration with CalabriaFoodPorn (

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