Check out our recipes based on TuttoCalabria Calabrian products! We offer you a selection of really tasty dishes that will help you and make the most of our products!

Gnocchi di patate con asparagi, salsiccia e polvere di peperoncino TuttoCalabria

Potato gnocchi

Potato gnocchi with asparagus, sausage and TuttoCalabria chili powder Ingredients for the gnocchi: 1 kg of red potatoes 200 gr. of flour 00 

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Stroncatura Rivisitata


Revisited Stroncatura Ingredients: For the ravioli dough: 60 gr. 00 flour 30 gr. of buckwheat flour 10 gr. wholemeal flour 20

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filetto di maiale con crema

Pork fillet

Fillet of suckling pig on potato cream and TuttoCalabria chilli ice cream Ingredients for the marinade (to be prepared one day in advance): 50 gr. of

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