Special box: Save a 4-legged friend!

This box, full of taste and love, was created to support “Diamoci la Zampa” and our four-legged friends!

We, at TuttoCalabria, love our animal friends, and for this reason we support the “Diamoci La Zampa” association which helps stray dogs every day by offering them a shelter, care, food and a second chance.


Special box: Save a 4-legged friend!

In this box you will find: Stuzzichella, Dried Tomato Patè and “Condispaghettata”. The stuzzichella is a delicious mix of minced vegetables, perfect for bruschetta or to add flavor to any of your dishes. Dried Tomato Pate is a sweet and fragrant pâté made simply with high quality dried tomatoes and basil. Condispaghettata is a mix of aromatic herbs and chilli pepper perfect to quickly dress a delicious pasta dish!

Do you know Diamoci la Zampa?

"Diamoci la zampa" is a non-profit association founded in 2007 in Marcellinara (CZ) with the main purpose of giving stray dogs a second chance by saving them from the street, giving veterinary care, if needed, and finding a new home. The association operates exclusively by self-financing and with voluntary donations, but the difficulties are a daily occurrence given the high rate of stray dogs and the low number of volunteers, still thanks to the love and commitment of the latterst hundreds of dogs have been recovered, cared and adopted. In addition, Diamoci la Zampa, in recent years, has begun to collaborate with the association "l'Arca di Annalisa Onlus". Thanks to this wonderful collaboration, Diamoci la Zampa has been able to expand its range of action, managing to find new families throughout the Italian territory.

The entire proceeds from this box will be donated to the Diamoci La Zampa association! If you want to further support our four-legged friends you can do it directly by donating the 5x1000

If you want to adopt a four-legged dog or want more information about the association and their work, do not hesitate to contact them on their Facebook or Instagram page! 


The stuzzichella is a leading product in the Tuttocalabria family. A combination of flavors that comes from the union of greens and vegetables. You can consume it in many ways! On a bruschetta or inside a sandwich or to season and give more sprint to salads and pizzas! 


The TuttoCalabria's Spices and Aromatic Herbs line is a world to be explored, made by unique scents and tastes! Several ready-to-use mixes made with high-quality and natural products. Buon Appetito!


Exclusively sweet and fragrant dried tomatoes give life to the best dried tomato paté you have ever tried! The perfect fusion of simplicity and quality, this TuttoCalabria pate will impress you with its rich and decisive taste. Enjoy your meal!


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