Piccoliva - Stuffed Olives

These small gastronomic jewels are born from a long and meticulous process, made by skilled hands who insert a chili pepper at a time in each olive.


Piccoliva - Stuffed Olives

Weight 285 g

Green olives 53%, water, 10% chillies, salt. Traces of citric acid and ascorbic acid.

How to use:

Crunchy and tasty, these olives are perfect for your aperitifs and side dishes, but also for pizza and sandwiches. Excellent for salads, cold pasta and rice salads. Your guests will love them! P.S. From the first moment it is inserted into the olive, the Calabrian peperonicno releases its flavor in the olive itself, making it perfect even for those people who do not like spicy, who can simply remove the chili and enjoy an olive from the unique flavor of its kind!

Peso sgocciolato



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