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Green olives stuffed with chili peppers


These small gastronomic jewels are born from a long and meticulous process, made by skilled hands who insert a chili pepper at a time in each olive.

Our olives stuffed with chilli pepper, which we called Piccoliva, are the result of a preparation process during which a Calabrian chili pepper in every green olive. These olives, selected for their firm and crunchy texture, are ideal for welcoming the lively and slightly fruity flavor of chilli pepper.

Green olives, appreciated for their fresh and slightly bitter taste, blend harmoniously with the heat of chilli pepper, offering a taste contrast that stimulates the palate.

Every stage of the production process is carried out with extreme care. From the selection of olives, which must be perfect in shape and textureWhen choosing chillies, each element is scrutinized to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality. This commitment is reflected in the final flavor of the stuffed olives, which are a tribute to biodiversity and the richness of local Calabrian products.

These olives stuffed with chilli pepper are versatile in the kitchen and are suitable for various consumption occasions. They are perfect as appetizers in a buffet, they offer a special touch at a table appetizers, or they can be a surprising ingredient in salads and dishes main. Their presence can elevate a simple home dinner into a memorable gastronomic experience, or add an extra touch to more formal events.

The Piccoliva stuffed with chilli peppers represent a perfect example of how Italian cuisine can continue to reinvent itself while remaining anchored to its roots. Through a balance of traditional flavors and innovative techniques, these little gastronomic jewels invite you to appreciate the depth and complexity of Italy's culinary heritage, offering a unique and irresistible experience every time.

Weight285 g

Green olives 53%, Water, Chilli peppers 10%, Salt, Antioxidant: ascorbic acid, Acidity regulator: citric acid.


Refrigerate once opened. Keep away from direct sunlight.


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