Hot Cherry Peppers stuffed with PDO cheese

The North Italy meets the South Italy giving birth to a product unique of its kind. In this flavorful bite, the traditional Calabrian stuffed peppers meet the PDO Quartirolo Lombard cheese. Try it and let yourself be surprised and captivated by this perfect duo! Buon Appetito!

Buon Appetito!


Hot Cherry Peppers stuffed with PDO cheese

Weight 285 g

Chillies 42%, Sunflower oil,
EVO oil, “FRESH CHEESE QUARTIROLO LOMBARDO DOP” 21%, CTQL license n ° 02/2018 (Cow's MILK, RENNET, salt), Salt, Vinegar (may contain NATURAL SULPHITES), Sugar. Stabilizer: locust bean gum.
Produced in a stable. which uses products derived from wheat, fish, celery. Keep away from sunlight.

How to use:

Our Quartirolo stuffed peppers, thanks to their rich flavor and crunchiness, are perfect for your aperitifs and side dishes. Add them to post-cooking pizza, or to sandwiches and sandwiches!
On our site you will find many recipes including that of fried pasta balls with a heart of stuffed peppers!


Prodotto da: TUTTOCALABRIA s.r.l c.da Mandarano, Marcellinara (CZ), CE IT 1663/L tel. 0961996685 sito web: Modalità di conservazione: Dopo aperto conservare in frigo.


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