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Wild Dried Oregano

The TuttoCalabria's Spices and Aromatic Herbs line is a world to be explored. The Calabrian Oregano is known all over the world for its intense aroma and its natural and authentic taste. The "Oregano a mazzo" ( Oregano bunch) comes from the Calabrian tradition of hanging the oregano bunch outside as soon as it has been picked. This simple practice thanks to the warm Calabrian Sun and the fresh and clean air allows to better preserve the organoleptic properties of this precious plant. Put it in your kitchen not only to flavour your dishes but also to decorate and scents the room. Buon Appetito!


Wild Dried Oregano

Weight 40 g

Distributed by: Tuttocalabria srl C.da Mandarano plant - MARCELLINARA (CZ) Italy Tel. 0961.996685 - www. Storage conditions: After opening, keep in a cool and dry place.

Modalità d'uso

Flavorful and scented oregano. Use it while cooking or as a seasoning. Add it to tomatoes salads, pasta sauces, pizza. One of the most eaten dishes in Calabria during the summer period is the "nsalata e pumadori" ( tomatoes salad). To make it first mince fresh tomatoes, then add some sliced PGI Tropea Onions, finally dress everything with a large dose of extra virgin olive oil, Calabrian Oregano and salt. Leave it rest for 10 minutes and then enjoy it with warm bread or bruschetta! More recipes available on our website!

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