Green olives - Vacuum packed

The "olive pistate" is a recipe traditional of the Calabrian gastronomic culture. Tradition wants that olives are crushed (pistate) one by one using a stone. Then, olives are garnished with traditional calabrian products such as evo oil, fennels, chili peppers and garlic. One olives leads to another! Buon appetito!

Buon Appetito!


Green olives - Vacuum packed

Weight 460 g

Calabrian Green Olives, Sunflower Seed oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Fennel, Chili pepper, Garlic, Salt. Suggested use: appetizer or side dish.

How to use:

Crunchy and flavorful, these olives are perfect for your aperitif as well as for your panini and pizzas. Great for pasta, rice and veggies salads. Your guests will love them!


Prodotto da: TUTTOCALABRIA s.r.l c.da Mandarano, Marcellinara (CZ), CE IT 1663/L tel. 0961996685 sito web: Modalità di conservazione: Dopo aperto conservare in frigo.


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