Hot Spread Sauce 190 gr

In 1970 our father Antonio created this fantastic and enveloping flavor by mixing chillies with fresh vegetables. The Explosive Blend is a spicy condiment in which to rediscover the flavors of Calabria, enjoy your meal!


Hot Spread Sauce 190 gr

Weight 185 g

Preparation based on 65% vegetables: Hot peppers, Carrots, Eggplants, Artichokes, Peppers, Dried tomatoes (Italian origin), Mushrooms (Pleurotus Ostreatus), Sunflower oil, EVO oil, Vinegar, Salt. It may contain traces of NATURAL SULPHITES. Traces of citric acid and ascorbic acid.

How to use:

Add it to pasta, on pizza, in sandwiches or sandwiches! Excellent on roasted meat and fish or grilled vegetables. Ideal on French fries and fried chicken.


Prodotto da: TUTTOCALABRIA s.r.l c.da Mandarano, Marcellinara (CZ), CE IT 1663/L tel. 0961996685 sito web: Storage conditions: After opening, keep in the fridge.


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