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Fillets of aubergines


The Calabrian eggplant fillets differs from the traditional italian recipes because of the presence of the calabrian mint, of the wild fennel ("U fhinuacchiu ‘i timpa") and of the Calabrian Chili. Thus, the combination of the best italian eggplant and the authentic calabrian's recipe generates this unique product. Crunchy, sweet, aromatic and tasteful, the real calabrian ("calabrisi") eggplant fillets! Buon Appetito!

The fillets of aubergines in oil “calabrisi” represent an exquisite variant of the traditional Italian preserve, enriched with ingredients that underline the culinary heritage of Calabria. This unique recipe is distinguished by the inclusion of three distinctive elements of the region: the refreshing mint, The wild fennel, known locally as “U fhinuacchiu 'i timpa”, and the unequivocal Calabrian chili pepper. This combination not only infuses the eggplant with an exceptional flavor profile, but also an identity strongly rooted in the Calabrian terroir.

The aubergines, carefully selected from the best Italian crops, come therecut into fillets and preserved in oil, resulting crunchy And sweets. The addition of mint gives a surprising freshness that balances the natural sweetness of the aubergines, while the wild fennel introduces a subtle aromatic aftertaste reminiscent of the rugged hills of Calabria. Finally, the Calabrian chili pepper adds a light spicy touch that makes every bite lively and memorable.

This exquisite combination of flavors makes "Calabrian" filleted aubergines a truly unique product. They are perfect as appetizers, masterfully served on a chopping board of cold cuts and cheeses, or as part of a aperitif refined. In addition to being delicious on their own, they can also be used to enrich salads, pizzas and focaccias, bringing a touch of Calabrian cuisine to more common dishes.

“Calabrian” aubergines in oil are not just a preserve, but an authentic expression of Calabrian gastronomic culture. With each tasting, they offer a window into the traditions of one of Italy's most vibrant and historically rich regions, making each dish not only tastier, but also more meaningful.

Weight285 g

Eggplant 67%, Sunflower seed oil, Sweet chilli pepper, Vinegar (may contain NATURAL SULPHITES), Salt, Extra virgin olive oil, Oregano.


Refrigerate once opened and add oil to the surface to preserve the product. Keep away from direct sunlight.


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