PGI Tropea red onion

4000 years ago the Phoenicians brought a unique onion to Calabria, today that onion is grown in a specific area of the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast. A unique genetic makeup and the mix of temperature, soil composition, and sea breeze determine the unmistakable sweetness and crunchiness of the Tropea Red Onion PGI, which in this product are even more enhanced by the sweet and sour preserves. Enjoy your meal!


PGI Tropea red onion

Weight 285 g

red onion from tropea calabria I.G.P. 66% (origin Calabria, Italy) water, VINEGAR (contains NATURAL SULPHITES), sugar, salt. Antioxidant: ascorbic acid. Acidity regulator: citric acid.

How to use:

Our Red Onions of Tropea PGI, thanks to their sweet and sour taste and their crunchiness, are perfect for your aperitifs and side dishes. Divide the onions into petals and add them to the post-cooked pizza to create a perfect tuna and onion. Also great additions to sandwiches and sandwiches!
Other recipes available on our site!

Peso sgocciolato



Prodotto da: TUTTOCALABRIA s.r.l c.da Mandarano, Marcellinara (CZ), CE IT 1663/L tel. 0961996685 sito web: Modalità di conservazione: Dopo aperto conservare in frigo.


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