Garlic with Parsley

The crunchy garlic with a delicate taste. We create the perfect mix of extra virgin olive oil, winegar and fresh parsley to make our garlic ready to be used in every dish, both cooked and raw. Buon appetito!


Garlic with Parsley

Weight 185 g

Garlic 70%, sunflower seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, parsley 3%, vinegar (CONTAINS NATURAL SULFITES), salt.

How to use:

The TuttoCalabria garlic is the best ally for your aperitif, simply drain and place it in a small serving cup! Use it also for salads, by slicing into rounds and add it to give an extra taste. Finally, you can also brown it in a pan, then add minced tomatoes, let everything cook, and voilà here is the authentic Italian "Sugo al pomodoro"! More recipes available on our website!


Prodotto da: TUTTOCALABRIA s.r.l c.da Mandarano, Marcellinara (CZ), CE IT 1663/L tel. 0961996685 sito web: Modalità di conservazione: Dopo aperto conservare in frigo.


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