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Luigi Celli starts making the first preserves for his family

In the small San Pietro Apostolo, a village in the Presila Catanzarese area, Luigi preserves in oil the vegetables from his garden for his family.

1932 - 1976

Antonio Celli grew up in San Pietro Apostolo

Surrounded by the earth and its fruits he learned the art of preserves and the love for Calabria.


Adele's first jars

It all started when Adele asked her husband, Antonio, to sell dried tomatoes in oil, prepared by her, at fairs where Antonio participates with a cured meat factory for which he works. The tomatoes are a success, Antonio sells the jars and Adele earns 80,000 lire, which are still preserved.


Antonio Celli and Adele Sirianni found TuttoCalabria

After the initial success, Antonio and his wife Adele founded their dream of exporting the authentic flavors and aromas of Calabria to Italy and the world. Just born, TuttoCalabria is still a small home shop, Antonio and Adele keep the fruits of their garden, mainly tomatoes, chillies, aubergines and mushrooms and resell them in the area and at some fairs.


The production plant in Marcellinara

Antonio and his wife Adele, given the success of their products, decide to move to Marcellinara where they find a fertile and strategic territory for its position. In the Mandarano district they built the factory that is still the headquarters of TuttoCalabria



TuttoCalabria and its first national fairs

Antonio and Adele begin to participate in the most important national trade and food fairs such as: Mediterranean Fair in Palermo, Agricultural Fair in Foggia, Levante Fair in Bari, Christmas Today Fair in Rome. They also take part in various sectoral fairs such as: the Cibus in Parma and the EXPO CT in Milan. The first fairs are the keystone for TuttoCalabria which begins to make itself known and to export its delicacies outside the Calabrian borders.


The authentic Calabrian taste conquers Europe

TuttoCalabria is increasingly appreciated for the quality and the authenticity of its products. So Antonio Celli participates with the ICE institute in various sectoral fairs in Europe such as the IFE in London. This allows TuttoCalabria to sell in countries such as France, England, Switzerland.


TuttoCalabria, the United States and the Canada

Long standing history. Antonio, thanks to the quality of his products, immediately succeeds in conquering the American and Canadian market. One of the first Calabrian entrepreneurs to conquer the States, Antonio, and later on his sons, participated in fairs such as the Fancy Food Show in New York and San Francisco, the Pizza Show in Atlanta etc. thus starting to spread the culture of Calabrian chili.


TuttoCalabria lands in Australia

Giampaolo, son of Antonio and Adele, started working in the company. Among his first adventures he remembers when he left Marcellinara at 2 a.m. with a van fully loaded with TuttoCalabria products directed to the La Molisana pasta factory, where a container was waiting for him ready to leave for Australia. 


Following Antonio's death...

...his children Fiorella, Irene and Giampaolo wisely continue to manage the family business thanks to the teachings of their father, the guidance of their mother and their studies.


TuttoCalabria exports to Japan

The quality and flavor of the products captivate the Japanese people, allowing TuttoCalabria to continue to export products to the "Land of the Rising Sun"


Thanks to the quality and innovation

TuttoCalabria continues its national and international growth. Investments in state-of-the-art machinery and staff training are ongoing. 


Tuttocalabria lands in middle East

The Calabrian Chili Peppers arrived in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.


Tuttocalabria for the environment

TuttoCalabria already active in supporting the community of Marcellinara and its initiatives, decides to undertake a path to reduce its environmental impact by installing a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system. Over the years the plant has been expanded and, to date, it allows to produce as much as 85% of the total electricity used by the company. 


TuttoCalabria lands in China

TuttoCalabria participates in the Food and Hotel China


TuttoCalabria turns 50

With an eye to the future

Tutto Calabria

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