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Our Values


TuttoCalabria is an Italian family food company. Founded in 1970, the company is now present in over 10 countries around the world.

Our motto: "Piccanti per Passione" ( Spicy for Passion) has been with us since 2005, and it perfectly sums up the TuttoCalabria soul, an authentic and true one. 


Our mission is to continuously improve the quality and the range of products. Through a constant innovation of the production process together with a continuous search for new flavors and combinations that enhance at the most the fruits that Calabria and its people offer us.


Our vision is to: "Enter the daily life of all lovers of good food in the world so that the authentic Calabrian taste is used and appreciated every day".


We seek the best quality in the selection of raw materials, in their processing and in the management of the after-sales services offered.

Being Calabrese

Being Calabrese as a philosophy of life. A warm and welcoming land of infinite wonders and tasty fruits.


A constant search for novelty that led us to design from scratch the famous stuffed peppers of Quartirolo DOP, the spicy Calabrian honey, the Calabrian chili sauce and many other products that enhance the fruits of our land.


Values ​​that we carry in all our actions and products. Love and honesty towards ourselves, our customers, our community and the environment.

La qualità vera

Quality is one of the cornerstones of TuttoCalabria.

Research and continuous training have allowed us to obtain various certifications such as: Food and Drugs Administration, BRC global standard, Kosher. 

This year we listed by the national organization CRIBIS as: Controvento Company of the year 2021. Recognition that certifies our commitment and our growth even in this period of crisis, exceeding the average financial performance of Italian manufacturing companies. 

TuttoCalabria is among the 600 companies with the highest turnover growth rate in the last three years. This is a high recognition and we are really proud to be able to boast the CHAMPION OF GROWTH Seal following the study carried out by the German Quality Institute ITQF and by Repubblica Affari & Finanza!

Tutto Calabria

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