Chilli cheesecake

Here is a unique and spicy version of the classic cheesecake

For the base:

  • Dry biscuits (digestive type)
  • Butter
  • Sugar (optional)

  • Ricotta
  • Dark chocolate chips
  • Powdered sugar

For the chilli cream:

Base preparation:

  1. In the Thermomix or in a food processor, blend the dry biscuits until they obtain a fine consistency.
    Melt the butter and mix it with the crushed biscuits. If desired, add a little sugar
    sweeten. Spread the biscuit mixture on the bottom of a baking tray and press it lightly.
    Place in the fridge to cool and solidify while we prepare the rest.
  2. Preparation of the ricotta cream: In a bowl, mix the ricotta with the dark chocolate chips and the icing sugar until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream. To put aside.
  3. Preparation of the chilli cream: In a pan, heat the chilli jam with a little lemon juice.
  4. If necessary, adjust the sweetness by adding a little sugar.
    Leave the jam to cool and transfer it to a baby bottle or piping bag.
    Once the biscuit base has cooled, add a layer of ricotta cream on top of it.
  5. Pour the chilli jam cold on the ricotta cream, creating a decorative motif or pattern as desired.
  6. Serve the deconstructed cheesecake immediately or place it in the fridge for a while before serving.
    This chilli dessert is a real surprise for the palate, with the sweetness of the ricotta cream marrying perfectly with the spiciness of the chilli jam. Enjoy your meal!

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